8th Grade Tech Apps Reccomendations:


Comodo Firewall: Product Link I personally used this firewall for many years on my personal computers and many of my family members

AVG: Antivirus: Product Link This is a solid antivirus software, I used this on personal and family computers for years.

If you are a Microsoft Windows user they have some tools which have come along way. Here are the instructions pages to the ones I have used in the past. Microsoft built their tools to a level of trustworthiness that I no longer used the ones listed above. I would not recommend using more than one firewall, one antivirus or one filter. If they conflict with each other you will have problems.

Microsoft Security Essentials



Microsoft delivers again with the ability to filter the content on the computer based on which users are logged in.

Microsoft Filter

Open DNS: I do recommend filtering the internet traffic at the point where it comes into the house: router or DNS level. This will filter all traffic for anyone and doesn’t require all computers to be configured just the one where the internet comes into the house. This is in use right now in my home.

Open DNS

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