Graphic Design

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Graphic Design Resources

Aug 22: Photoshop: Another tool in your toolbox


Intro to Illustrator: Can you draw it?

: Universal Symbols: Understood in any Language..

: Emotion and Advertising: Hang on to your wallets!

Personal Branding: What does it say about you

Posters: Larger than life

 1st Semester Final Exam: So you want to be a Graphic Designer
 Propaganda: Make you case
 Digital Photography: Worth a 1,000 words
 An Image for every format: Can you convert it
  Using Models in Photography: Don’t feed the animals

May 9th: Portfolio: Showcase your work!>/div>

One thought on “Graphic Design”

  1. You may have a slide show presentation, a video demonstration, plus handouts.

    Also, try to determine the frequency of the status updates or other relevant information. This is a no no, and does
    nothing for your website.

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