Computer Maintenance


Aug. 20: America’s Small Business: The backbone of the economy

Sept 2: Reading the BIOS: No not your life story
Sept. 5: Combing the Classifieds: Do I need a map?
Sept 15: Basic Electricity: Shocking!
Sept. 23: The power supply: Your computers nuclear reactor

Sept. 29: CPU: Brains!

Oct 6th: Monitors: Mine is bigger than yours

Oct. 14: Hard Drives: Can they Compete against the Cloud?

Oct. 22: Ports: Not where ships come in
Oct. 28: Motherboards: Meatloaf!
Nov. 4: The Resume: Sell yourself
Jan. 6: Intro to OS: Nice to meet you
Jan. 23: OS System Settings: What does this button do
Feb. 17: Networks: Connecting to the world
March 3rd: Multimedia: Music, Video, Photo’s oh my
March 19th: Virus and Hacks Do you feel Safe
April 1st: The language of Computer: Navigate to Code Cademy and create an account. Find the HTML Basics section and begin working. You have 2 weeks to complete the 3 HTML sections. Each section is worth 2 daily grades and the special project is a test grade.
April 14th: Manning the Help Desk: Help your fellow man
April 16th: Ethics In Computing: Right or Wrong: Privacy edition
April 28: Even if it’s old it’s useful:We can Save it
April 28: Clean it out to keep it living:Like New

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