College Transitions

College Transitions Rubric

Blog Pods

8-20: Study Skills: Smart, Slick, Effective

8-24: Use your time wisely: Strategic Planning

8-30: Are you stressed: Bust out of your Funk

9-10: How do you learn: Very well thank you

9-20: Goals Setting: Have plan, will succeed

10-8: Career Exploration: Bring a map

10-19: Memories: Beautiful Memories

11-12: Financial Planning: Pay the Piper

11-30: College Writing: Express Yourself

1st Semester Final Exam: Happy Chrismakuh

1-3: Do you have what it takes: Selection Committee

1-11: You don’t have to go broke paying for College: Have a Plan

1-28: College exams will rock your world: Rock and Roll

2-11: Will the Internet Ruin College? Read This article and write a reflection on your blog

2-18: College Level Technology in the educational setting: Whats in your toolbox?

3-1: What’s a degree worth: How much?

4-1: Living the high life: How to pay for it?

4-11: The application process: Did I get in?

4-26: My Resume: Do you have skills?

5-13: It’s Personal: What can you share?

FINAL EXAM: College Preparedness Scale: Where do I rank?

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