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Come for the warm weather: Stay for the cute cowgirls

Since the winter in MN this year never seemed to end: snow on Easter, you get the picture. We had alot of visitors for the start of the summer. Needless to say this coincided with the arrival of our newest family member Carter Joy White. We were so blessed to have so many visitors, thank you for all you did. You know who you are.

First came Grammie and Papa: needless to say someone(Crosby) was thrilled to spend some time with them


A visit from Grammie wouldn’t be complete w/o some songs


Papa loves to spend time with his girls..

DSC_0637Thanks Grammie and Papa

Up next making the long 17hr drive from Minnesota: Grandma Lonna, Uncle Ross and Aunt Karly


lovely purple group!

She loves the water: Thanks Uncle and Auntie


Swim Buddies

We celebrated Crosby’s birthday for a week when we had guests in town. More on that later. Do you think she knows this is for her?


For the record she licks off the icing then isn’t interested in the rest of the cupcake

Crosby’s new kitchen would not be complete without some food to cook: Thanks Grandma!


She loves all the little pieces: especially the 25 pringles chips.

Last but certainly not least was Grandpa Tim and Deb: also driving from MN to the warm weather of TX!


Close your mouth Crosby.

I’ve never heard anyone beg for more tickles: AGAIN!


Just give her: MORE TICKLES!

We had some surprise visitors while Grandpa Tim was here: Danielle’s Aunt Betty and Cousin Kaley from Arkansas


No you can’t take her home!

On Sunday June 16th we had Carter Dedicated at our Church. We are so blessed for all of you who came to visit and who will support us in raising Carter to be a child and woman of God. (ps: can you find Crosby?)


One last time: Thank you so much for all your prayers and for coming to love on our little girls!

It’s Bluebonnet season: quick pull over on I-20…

All kidding aside that happens here all the time. It’s spring and our Bluebonnet season is in full bloom. They look like weeds and pop up most often on the side of the road but they do offer us some color before everything turns brown. You do have to watch out for people deciding the side of the interstate is the best place to stop and unload the family to take pictures. Nothing says photo-op like dodging and then having to merge back into 70mph traffic.

*disclaimer these pictures were taken in a secluded quiet safe place. I’m not an idiot…


What wouldn’t add to the beautiful flowers(weeds) than our little gem….we had a little photo shoot after school

She wasn’t quite sure about these weeds when we started and I don’t think she really ever warmed up to them.

Explor color

Then it was time to do a little posing. She really got into this part or it was windy….

in the distance

See again with the poses..this might have been the best smile all afternoon…


She listens just like any other kid, instructions for this one were: “smile” or “cheese” #smh

serious distance face

She is a curious little thing. Either a bus went buy or a bug flew really close…

curious cat

This might have been a courageous as she got all day. I’m just lucky she didn’t put it in her mouth…

touch the flowers

Mommy thinks she looks like a certain someone in this picture….any guesses

Mollie Look alike

Who would like to sit in a field of weeds this long? Doesn’t she look overjoyed?



Christmas 2012

So it’s almost Valentines day which means it’s about time for post/video about Christmas. This was an exciting year for our family. We were blessed to spend this special time of year with the ones we love. Crosby was a tornado of activity this year and we/she loved every minute of it. She could not/would not be contained. We had some laughs. She had some cries. She was/is learning the word obey. It takes time.

We were fortunate enough to see all of our families and spend time with them as you will see in the video/slideshow. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and shared the wonderful love and hope that Christ’s birth story stirs within all of us.

On with the show….

15 months: Time I learned to type…

Hi everyone mommy and daddy are busy making dinner so I wanted to let you know all the fun I have been having lately. I haven’t had a chance to write much because we have been on many interesting adventures lately.

I really like to go to the football games with mommy and daddy there is so much room to run around. One of these metal things has a ramp and I like to run down it and scare mommy when I go fast. Did I mention I like to run!

Grandma Lonna came to visit and we went to the park where I, you guessed it, ran around. Did you know slides are as much fun to climb up as go down!

I consider myself an outdoors person and will share my findings with you so pay attention. I only share for a little while then…

I am probably going to taste it.

I’ve got quite the head of hair, mom keeps threatening to cut it but she loves it to. I also have quite a mouthful of teeth. I love to tear my food before I chew it, who knew eating was so much fun.

I went to the doctors in Sept for my 15 month checkup and I am growing big. I am 22lbs 5oz(60%) and 32″(95%)

These are some things I like to do know:

Sign: please, sleepy, milk,


Hide the remotes from daddy(they are in my toy bag silly)

Eat: Chipotle, cheese, black beans, hot dogs, corn, bananas, quesadillas, spaghetti, mac-n-cheese

Dance to music

Drink gallons of water

Play with my new neighbor

Greet and dismiss friends from the nursery at church

Give high-5’s


Sitting on my princess car just to hear it make noise

Tickle fights


Spaghetti Squash (c’mon mom and dad: really)

Shots(had to get 3 this time. Dad said I was brave)

Not being able to play by the elliptical machine(c’mon mom!)

People sticking their fingers in my mouth to feel my molars(be warned: i know how to use the rest of my teeth!)

Being held (did i mention I liked RUNNING)

This one was just my style

I’m gonna be out there some day

Who likes my PIGtails? We got to see the animals at Ovilla Heritage Days.