This Saturday my family and I will run in the final Lizzy Strong race. We run 4.11 miles for the 411 consecutive days Liz Shepherd ran before her cancer diagnosis. But we(the White Family) run 4.11 miles for a few more reasons… – -We run because of what is says in 2 Corinthians 12:10: life is going be hard, but I know it’s all for Christ’s sake, so we do it so he can be glorified. – -We run for Leanne. Did I say life was hard? Well it flat out sucks when your sister is in heaven and you can’t call/text/see her. BUT: I will see her again and this hardship will be(has been) worth it to see God’s Kingdom grow on this Earth. That kingdom in Heaven is waiting…. but while I am here I will do everything I can to grow it on Earth – -We run for Liz a woman who also found out she had cancer when she was pregnant. She had a relationship with Leanne and we had a Texas connection. Another mom who was called home way to early and with a little one who misses her mom like crazy. – -We run to support @venture_org They do hard things(like run/walk/bike/hike etc) so that God can be glorified in all parts of the world. Venture goes into the remote places of the world to provide food, education, and the gospel to people who desperately need it. Check out their page for more of the amazing work they do. Donate to them in the link in my bio, if you feel moved by their mission and this story. – -We run for our children. This is how we believe our kids will see us being the light, spreading the gospel and supporting our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This is not about us(I don’t like to run) it’s about empowering others to step in and show people wha they gospel is. That includes our kids and using these opportunities to tell them why we do it and why it’s important. #lizzystrong #teamchin #godsgotthis


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