For the past 3 years my family and I have participated in the Lizzy Strong race partnering with Venture to raise money to help end human trafficking. Liz Shepherd’s story holds a special place in our families heart because it hits so close to home. My sister Leanne died after her battle with cancer and her story was similar to Liz’s. They both were pregnant and delivered their child while battling, they both had incredible will and determination, they both loved their Lord and Savior and would share and live out the gospel at any moment. That cancer comes to anyone is tragic. For it to come to these 2 young mom’s was heartbreaking. We partner with Venture to remember Leanne, to remember Liz, to fight to bring people out of the darkness of their lives and show them the Light of Jesus. We were first introduced to Venture when Paul and Candace Hurckman moved in next door to us in Red Oak, TX. We were blessed by their friendship and their dedication to follow God’s calling on their lives to help rescue people from this life. Please support us and support Venture financially to help them achieve their goal to end human trafficking. Link in my bio…


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