Let’s be honest: I don’t run much #dadbod but for something like this, I have no problem getting out there, maybe even training a little. This will be our family’s first #lizzystrong race and we are blessed to be able to be involved in any way. It’s a blessing and a curse to know and watch someone go through a battle with cancer. It’s a curse because of what he disease and the treatment does to them. I don’t wish that upon my worst enemies. The blessing of watching God work through these circumstances is amazing! He uses these times to draw us in a show us his purpose for us. My prayer for you is that you will cling tight to God and his promises so he can show you his love and grace in your life and give you the strength to show his love and grace to people in your life. If you feel compelled to donate to venture to fight to end human trafficking. Link in my bio if you would like to support us and save lives. – #lizzystrong #lannysteam #teamchin #venture

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2nTqns8

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