I’m gonna be blunt, I HATE CANCER. Some choice words normally come out, but this is a family friendly page. – My family is running the #Lizzystrong race on April 8th for a number of reasons. – #1 I don’t like to say cancer beat my sister Leanne, I like to think that God won for her, and as her prize she got to go home with her heavenly father. But this disease has hit about as close to home as it could for me and my family. – #2 Liz Shepherd and her Husband Chris are friends of ours here in Texas. We have known them since we moved here in 2005. I remember playing softball with Chris not more than 3 weeks after we move here. Liz and Leanne’s stories are similar in that they were both pregnant when they were diagnosed with cancer. Both of them opted to keep the babies against the doctors wishes. God stepped in and won the battles with cancer for both of them, and now we fun for a cause in their memory. – #3 The cause we are running for, alongside their memories, is to Stop Human Trafficking. Venture is a faith based ministry dedicated to spreading the message of the Gospel, Love, Hope, and relationships with Jesus Christ all over the globe. This race specifically is to help rescue girls and women who are being trafficked in the United States. Every dollar will go towards their rescue and aftercare. – You can click the link in my bio to donate to Venture on behalf of Liz as we run to celebrate Leanne and Liz on April 8th.

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2nIDZIZ

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