It’s About the People!

First I’ll let you read this. We need more of this in our news and media. Stop reading about politics, or reality TV, or gossip! Find the good stuff. Things you can walk away smiling after you read it. Things you can apply in your life right away. Then do it, not just once, but everyday, and watch out for what will happen if you stick to it.
Clint Hurdle could’ve quit and given up on so many different occasions but he didn’t. He stuck with it. I took 3 things away from this very well written article you can apply to your life every day.
1. It’s about the people: it always will be. From his relationships with his players, bosses, and most importantly his family it didn’t matter what was happening on the field he was happy and building value into the lives of others. This paid dividends on the field for him eventually but his worth extends far beyond that. Look how many people that have nothing to do with baseball are touched by his emails.
2. You can choose your outlook/attitude: When he went to the Pirates they were the lovable losers. Immediately he turned around their attitudes and they began to have some success. They became focused on winning instead of losing. When they lost they no longer thought about it or dwelled on it they shook it off and moved on to thinking about winning tomorrow.
3. Setbacks are temporary: Keep pressing. Clint could’ve given up when his playing career flamed out. He could’ve given up when he was released from the Rockies in this, “What have you done for me lately sports world.” He could’ve given up on his sobriety many times. He could’ve given up pursuing his future wife when she rejected him the first time. But he didn’t, ever, it’s not in his blood. Look where it got him. Each setback was an opportunity to do something else. Who would’ve thought while he was bar tending he would have the ear of players and learn he had a knack for talking/managing them? Look for every chance to press on.

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