Normal to Amazing in 1 step…

I watched a 1:30 long youtube video the other day(which i can’t find) about how the things we do everyday may seem mundane and normal to us but to others it could be a blow your socks off moment. So what I think is normal and something I do everyday could be amazing to someone else.
How do you get from: NORMAL——–>AMAZING = SHARE
Share what you do with others. It can be so simple, a few screenshots, some words, simple instructions, an app, a website, etc. Share it with someone. I am going to try and do that here more often. If one person can take something from what I post and do then it’s all worth it. I’ve learned from others for a few years now, (plug: I would never have found any of it w/o twitter) so I am going to try and give back on a more regular basis.
Now if I could just find that video.
Image Credit: AGE/Universal Group

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