Come for the warm weather: Stay for the cute cowgirls

Since the winter in MN this year never seemed to end: snow on Easter, you get the picture. We had alot of visitors for the start of the summer. Needless to say this coincided with the arrival of our newest family member Carter Joy White. We were so blessed to have so many visitors, thank you for all you did. You know who you are.

First came Grammie and Papa: needless to say someone(Crosby) was thrilled to spend some time with them


A visit from Grammie wouldn’t be complete w/o some songs


Papa loves to spend time with his girls..

DSC_0637Thanks Grammie and Papa

Up next making the long 17hr drive from Minnesota: Grandma Lonna, Uncle Ross and Aunt Karly


lovely purple group!

She loves the water: Thanks Uncle and Auntie


Swim Buddies

We celebrated Crosby’s birthday for a week when we had guests in town. More on that later. Do you think she knows this is for her?


For the record she licks off the icing then isn’t interested in the rest of the cupcake

Crosby’s new kitchen would not be complete without some food to cook: Thanks Grandma!


She loves all the little pieces: especially the 25 pringles chips.

Last but certainly not least was Grandpa Tim and Deb: also driving from MN to the warm weather of TX!


Close your mouth Crosby.

I’ve never heard anyone beg for more tickles: AGAIN!


Just give her: MORE TICKLES!

We had some surprise visitors while Grandpa Tim was here: Danielle’s Aunt Betty and Cousin Kaley from Arkansas


No you can’t take her home!

On Sunday June 16th we had Carter Dedicated at our Church. We are so blessed for all of you who came to visit and who will support us in raising Carter to be a child and woman of God. (ps: can you find Crosby?)


One last time: Thank you so much for all your prayers and for coming to love on our little girls!

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