Carter Joy: Welcome to the Family!

May 27, 2013 We were blessed yet again as our daughter Carter Joy decided she wanted to enter the world. I will leave the labor and birth story to mommy’s blog for another day. I want to tell the world how much we love her and let you share some pictures of our time together so far. Disclaimer: daddy is getting carried away with his camera lately so there are alot of pictures.

Our newest little bundle of joy!


Thought we might have caught a smile: who doesn’t think their kids are awesome


She did awesome on her first photo shoot!


The big moment: our girls meeting for the first time!


Just checking her out….


Up Close: She doesn’t bite but she still looks skeptical


Being a really good big sister: She is so attentive!


She couldn’t wait and didn’t want to stop giving kisses!


Yes: we get to keep her…


Daddy and his girls…


Talking to your new sister!


Everybody gets a hospital bracelet


One Last look at the bundle of joy!


Definitely more to come later!!!!

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