1st week tasks

There certain tools that we are going to use this year to help maintain a smooth operating classroom. Students will be expected to sign up and use these tools to strengthen their academic performance throughout the school year and beyond.

1. Gmail: email is a powerful medium for communicaiton. A professional email address and the tools it comes with can enable a student to effectively communicate across many relationships.
A. Proceed to and select create a new account
B. Create a username that begins with your first letter of your first name and your whole last name. Ex: Joe Smith is j.smith@gmail.com (use more letters of your first name if the name you want is taken. Jo.smith@gmail.com, joe.smith@gmail.com, etc. if they are all in use start using letters of your middle name) Send a test email to Coachwhite when you are all set up.
2. Evernote :this is a very strong note taking and information gathering piece of software. You can take notes, clip web resources and safe a variety of materials in the trunk.
3  Posterous: throughout the year we will reflect on the learning and experiences that will take place in our lives. Please select a URL that reflects your personality but is appropriate.
4. Have your parents fill out the parent communication form at


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