2012-2013 School Year

Welcome to another new school year. It is my desire that everyone is excited about this journey as I am. This blog will serve a variety of purposes for the school year.

Let me take you on a little tour:

1. Class pages: Clickable button along the top of the page:( drop down menu will take you to each individual class) This is where I will post assignments, documents and information about my classes. This will be the access point for my active classes. (older classes exist as a resource for other teachers and former students)

2. Calendar: Clickable button along the top of the page: WIll show school events and upcoming dates; ex. End of 6 weeks, holidays, special events,

3. Job Board: Clickable button along the top of the page: During the school year various groups need technology based tasks completed. I will post them here and students will claim them via email. Its a great way to build familiarity with the technology skills they have and assist the people in the school.

Please Explore and snoop around.

All parents with students in Mr. White’s classes PLEASE fill out this form to help me stay in communication with you throughout the year. 


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