2011: A very Crosby Christmas

Let me start off by saying how blessed our family was in 2011 to have our family grow by +1 with Miss Crosby Eleanor. Sharing the Christmas season with her was amazing. The love she brings to those around us is a true gift from God. We had a whirlwind trip to and from Minnesota for the baby’s first Christmas. I think we took more pictures during her Christmas Dress photo-shoot than the trip because she rolls everywhere, so we spent more time chasing her than taking pictures.

Now the pictures:

The Christmas Card Photo

(disclaimer: none of these are in any type of order.

Anything you can do I can do too! She made a new friend:

Ol’ Blue eyes and Young Brown eyes: Great Grandpa Donnie

The results of actually getting a gift out of the wrapping paper, Thanks Grammie!

“If you squeeze any harder you’re not gonna like the result, Aunt Aimee”

“Calm down Mollie, Her bark is worse than her bite!” Crosby was trying to calm down cousin Mollie.

4 generations in one picture, the ceiling fan is on so Ms. C was pre-disposed…

Crosby had lots to share with the dad-to-be: Uncle Ryan. He learned a lot.

Pre-Bedtime and Pre-Dinner out picture with Grammie and Papa. Crosby at 6.5 and  Mollie at 11 months

He’s as big as a horse, so Uncle Ross, thought this would work.

I got to open a present at home before we left for the airport.

The paper doesn’t taste the best, but this was my favorite thing to do with it all Christmas long.

What’s this? A Book, I love it! Just pick a new story dad…..

Staring contest….GO!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Love you Grandpa!

Why is the box you gave me so small? I want this one!

This might take a while, but I’m committed.

I was in my elf costume, not prison clothes.

What would Christmas be without feats of strength. Just you wait, Harley!

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