Rolly Crosby

It’s here, the times when I can roam the living room at will. Today during facetime with Aunt Leanne and Skype with Aunt Katie and Mollie, I didn’t need any toys. I just rolled all over the floor. I got a good look at the tree, a good feel for the concrete and I love the new rug. Now I can move all around. What fun, I like to chase these fun new toys daddy got for me. I have to be careful because the couch can sneak up and stop my awesomeness in a hurry. If you get close to it, it will suck you in and pull you further and further underneath. Thankfully daddy took pictures, so I can learn in the future.

It looks fun and innocent from here…DON’T BE DECEIVED

i got away but not very far…

see what I mean, how did I get here…

I took a little rest and the couch slowed it’s grip…

Then it got me…

Daddy got some video of the event: he should have started earlier and ended later, it was a good show.

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