Pearly whites any day now…

I started teething on Monday and boy it ain’t fun. Nothing feels right or tastes good, except for carrots. Daddy fed me carrots 2 nights ago and I luv em. I’ve been busy this week even though I am not sleeping well. I like to leave the house and go on adventures. So far this week we’ve(daddy and me of course) been to Lowes, Target, Platos Closet, Dicks and tomorrow the grocery store. We did make one special unidentified trip this week to buy mommy some birthday presents. They had fun hats and dad loves to put them on me.

Which one do you like best?

The Penguin…

I can roll now from front to back and back to front so the other day daddy let me roam free, on the concrete(our secret ok!) and I made it under the couch. You can’t see my hands because I am that fast

Rolling videos coming soon, maybe when I am in a good mood

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