Learning to sit up

Mommy says I need to work on sitting up. So me and daddy practiced today. Daddy said something about 24 hours of College Basketball on ESPN so we practiced on the couch. I tried it without the bumbo chair twice but it didn’t go so well. Daddy kept having to pick me up. So we used the bumbo chair and I was still and did much better and daddy even got some pictures.

Don’t worry daddy was taking the picture.

Daddy likes to play with the camera and today he found the timer! Baylor just scored a “3” whatever that is but it was exciting!

It was hard to decide which one to play with and being slumped over hurt my abs!

I am at wit’s end here and contemplating a full diaper for daddy or worse if he doesn’t put the camera away!

2 thoughts on “Learning to sit up”

  1. Dear Crosby,
    I am a little disappointed by your dad’s lack of blogging these last few days 😦 I want to see all that you are up to!!! I miss you like crazy and can’t wait to paint our toenails at Thanksgiving!

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