The week is almost over I am learning so many new things each day, so is daddy:

Things we learned so far this week:

1. I will always try to eat my hands while getting dressed while they are in the sleeve, always, this is when they taste the best.

2. While eating it is important for me to get my fingers in my mouth along with the bottle, it helps if my fingers taste like what I eat later.

3. While being held on people shoulders, I can now turn and look at them and try and grab their face. I don’t want to miss anything looking backwards, forwards only.

We went to get mommy a yummy snack. I couldn’t open the box to try one but I did tip it upside down, smushed icing 🙂

Does my hat make me look like one of the toads from Super Mario Bro’s? It feels like it because in 2 seconds it slips down and eats my head. Daddy saves the day so I can see the world!

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