DDT: Daddy Daughter Time: D2

So this morning i needed my beauty sleep before we could commence activities for the day:

The agenda:

Lowes: (i know we went yesterday but daddy always forgets something) He did today too: he’s my dad….

In case you were wondering where all the pink pants are for the #teamchin support team. I already bought them all. I have 6 pairs that daddy could find today, mommy hides the rest 😉

I wanted to be a better eater for daddy today but that didn’t happen this morning. So at 2:30 I told him to let me help a little and to let me breathe while i eat and everything will go better.

Here I am ready to help

I kept helping and look at how much I ate:

Of course the milk is so good and I eat so fast, cleanup requires things like the ears and daddy’s arm underneath my head because it drips down my back onto him. He’s a trooper, he makes sure the mile is room temp to he doesn’t get cold from my drippings:

If you look real close you will see my neck is soaked 🙂 Bath night tonight anyways…..

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