5 Reasons to Develop a PLN

I’ve been neglecting the blog as a tool as of late, I mean really as of late. Last Post in November of last year. Way to long. So here we go.

In April of this year I attended a technology conference at the Region 10 Education center in Richardson, TX. I came away with a bunch of good ideas and tools that I never knew about before. The one thing that they didn’t have a seminar on but should have was PLN’s(personal learning network). It’s something you can develop on Twitter(my choice), facebook, linkedin, etc, etc. All you need to do is search out like minded individuals and join in the conversation.

So why do it, in no particular order and in rapid fire:

1.Who doesn’t want to better themselves as a person or professional?
Have you seen the job market lately? If we are not trying to be the best we can be than we are going to get left behind. It should be about more than that, you should always strive to be the best at what you do, teacher, husband, leader, dad/mom, etc…

2. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel each day
Others have come before you and will come after you, every time you try and do something in your classroom, office, place of influence, someone out there has some experience, words of wisdom, advice that can help you all you need to do is ask.

3. It’s easy
I may be new to this whole social media thing but it can’t be this easy. I mean who doesn’t have time to read 140 character updates/posts/quotes about something that is your passion. If it links you a website or article then read that as well. Connecting has never been easier to do; whether it’s to people or information

4. People want to share
Not asking someone for help or not asking a question when we have one is a crime against ourself and humanity depending on the idea and outcome of that answer. You shouldn’t leave any rock unturned and with the sheer numbers on twitter someone out there has to know or point you in the right direction. We are more interconnected than ever in a multitude of ways and we need to gleam as much knowledge from this time as possible and turn it into a positive experience for all who are in our sphere of influence.

5. Give back to others
Similar to point #4 but we need to give back to the world. We can’t be just a world of consumers. We only get one chance and we should all want people to say at our funeral, he gave the most he could to the people around him/her.

I am still just a newb when it comes to PLN’s and all this social media, but check it out. Maybe I won’t wait 7 months before putting out a blog post next time

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